Preventing Pests and Rodents in New Residential Construction: A Builder's Guide

Preventing Pests and Rodents in New Residential Construction: A Builder's Guide

No one wants unwanted pests or rodents in their homes. We’ve shared pest prevention tips in our blogs before, but we can take it one step further. Old homes are known to be more prone to pests and rodents, but what about new ones? Let’s talk about pest prevention in new construction.

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Are Pests and Rodents a Problem in New Construction?

Often, pests and rodents are attracted to food and warmth, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Some bugs and animals hibernate during winter, and what better spot than an undisturbed, new home?

There are various reasons pests can be attracted to new construction:

  • Shelter: Construction sites often have building materials and debris lying around that could offer shelter to pests and rodents.
  • Food: Leftover food from workers provides a convenient food source for small animals.
  • Openings: A house without windows or doors installed yet is a warm welcome to various critters.
  • Environment: Construction sites can be quiet and peaceful outside of working hours. Plus, they can offer a cozy environment with more bearable temperatures than outdoor areas in winter.
  • Pesticides: New construction usually doesn’t have pest prevention measures in place, which means pests and rodents could feel quite welcome.

To prevent pests and rodents from nesting in new construction, builders should take proactive steps to keep pests out.

Preventing Pests and Rodents During Residential Construction

Preventing problems is half the work, and proactive planning can greatly reduce pest problems in the future.

  • Location, location, location! Even during the planning phase of new construction, pests should be kept in mind. When building near a body of still or standing water, the likelihood of a mosquito infestation is great. Building in the woods makes new owners more vulnerable to various bug infestations, while some cities are prone to rodent infestations. Keep this in mind when choosing your new home’s location.
  • Construction Practices. Pest preventative building means construction should have no entry points for pests and rodents. Waste should be managed and disposed of properly throughout the building process and beyond.
  • Landscaping is worth it. Smart landscaping can help deter certain pests and specific rodents, and regular landscaping maintenance is important for not attracting other unwanted critters.
  • Identify pests and rodents. A bug problem is much easier to manage when it’s only a small problem. The longer it goes unnoticed, the bigger the infestation—and the problem—can be. Train construction crews on how to identify bug problems to prevent serious damage.

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