Waterproofing in South Carolina: Expert Tips to Protect your Home from Water Intrusion

Waterproofing in South Carolina: Expert Tips to Protect your Home from Water Intrusion

Protecting your home from water can be tricky in South Carolina with its cold, wet winters and hot and humid summers. But with winter fresh in our memories and summer on our doorstep, spring is the perfect time for waterproofing for flood prevention. In fact, the rssWeather suggests that April is the driest month in the Upstate. With temperatures of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, doing your outdoor maintenance this spring is ideal.

In other words: now is the time to waterproof the exterior of your home!

Waterproof My Home

Drainage system for yard

Waterproofing your home starts with the surroundings of your house. The main goal of waterproofing anything is keeping moisture outside. So let’s talk about exterior waterproofing from outside: your yard.

  • Prevent moisture build-up against exterior walls by trimming trees and bushes and storing wood and other porous materials away from your house.
  • Ensure a proper drainage system for your yard by frequently emptying your gutters and downspouts.
  • Reduce water seeping into your foundation by directing it away from your home, via a french drain system, a sloped yard, or guided pathways.

Landscaping your yard to effectively move water away from your house can be greatly useful in keeping water out of your basement and moisture out of your foundation.

Waterproofing Your Foundation

It may not always be possible to adapt the exterior of your home to fully divert the water away. Or, it simply may not be enough in hot and humid climates like in the south. Applying a barrier to the exterior foundation walls of your house helps block water from entering. This is a great way to prevent water damage and potential health risks caused by mold growth on damp walls.

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Gutter systems & Downspouts

We briefly touched on gutter systems and downspouts when talking about yard landscaping as a form of exterior waterproofing. These are great tools to help direct rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Instead of rain rolling off your roof and pooling in the yard, slowly seeping into your foundation, gutters and downspouts channel water down and away from your home.

Exterior wall protection

Water can also enter your home via your exterior walls. Although all homes (should) have a layer of waterproofing material built into the walls of their house, the seal can break for any number of reasons.

Therefore, it is important to maintain regular inspections of your walls, both on the inside and outside. You can do this yourself by checking for cracks, gaps or other damages. Make sure to check the seals on your doors and windows regularly as well to prevent moisture (or unwanted visitors) from entering.

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