Pest Control Maintenance

At Thompson Brothers, we know pests can be sneaky. Having a dedicated pest control technician provide continued maintenance is one way we can bring peace of mind, while keeping pests and other bugs at bay. 


Why is regular pest control maintenance important?

Many people assume that just one treatment will rid their home or business of those pests, and it may…for a while. But after a few months, a pest colony may repopulate and decide to revisit your kitchen countertops or your bathroom tub, again! People often joke with us that they could “set their clock” to the three-month marker when they start to see these pests scampering across their common areas again. Ongoing maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent this from happening.

How does a maintenance plan work?

When Thompson Brothers schedules an initial visit with you, our expert technician will conduct an extensive review of your property, assessing any pest issues that you may have. Our technician will then create a custom plan to address current and future pest problems. This plan usually involves a few consecutive monthly visits to fully eradicate any current pest colonies, and then we move to a bi-monthly or quarterly maintenance plan once the issue is fully under control.

pest control maintenanceWhat are the benefits of an ongoing maintenance plan? 

  • Different pests have “active” seasons. For instance, ants are more active in spring, roaches in the summer, rodents in the fall, and even bedbugs in the winter. Having regular, seasonal maintenance ensures that you are staying on top of any issues that may “creep” up.
  • Scheduled maintenance is less expensive than an emergency treatment or a one-time visit. This is because regular maintenance keeps issues under control and our Thompson Brothers technicians are maintaining the problem with regular visits.
  • In the pest world, just because you don’t happen to see a pest doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If you are noticing a bug or mouse, this often means that a colony is rapidly developing. Regular appointments help keep these colonies from ever developing “under the radar.” 
  • Pest control can also have subtle benefits for the outside and inside of your property. For instance, no more cobwebs outside or ants swarming around the fire-pit, and no more roaches flipped upside down in your den. Pests can also leave behind droppings that leave an unpleasant odor in your home so even your indoor air quality is improved with regular maintenance.

At Thompson Brothers, our goal is to create a comfortable, pest-free property. Our licensed and trained technicians know exactly where to look and how to protect you from bacteria-carrying pests.

Reach out to us about setting up a pest control maintenance plan for your home or business.

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