Options for Organic Pest Control

Options for Organic Pest Control While our pest control methods are environmentally safe, some people like to use even more natural methods to stop pest problems before they start. Organic pest control, which most people can do at home, uses nature’s best resources to reduce pests around your home without the use of any chemicals.

Thompson Brothers Exterminating offers these tips that can allow you to reduce the number of pests that are making their way into your home and garden through some all-natural, do-it-yourself pest control methods.

  • Break the Reproductive Cycle of Pests
    Farmers are quite familiar with this method of pest control, but you can use it at home in your garden as well. When you plant your garden, be sure to move your plots around a bit each year to help break the reproductive cycle of many pests buried in your soil. By moving their food away, you can avoid hatching hungry bugs onto your flowers and vegetables.

  • Encourage Beneficial Insects
    Certain insects can be beneficial for getting rid of destructive pests in your garden and on other outside plants. Ladybugs, parasitic wasps, and green lacewings are a few insects that feed on some of the pests that can cause problems in your garden or yard. You can buy these bugs to put into your garden, or plant flowers to help attract them (see the next tip).

  • Use Attractive or Repellent Plants
    Planting certain plants can help attract good insects and keep out the bad. Plant cilantro, parsley, fennel and Queen Anne’s Lace to help attract the good insects that will feed on the pests that are causing issues in your yard. Plant flowers like marigolds, nasturtium and chrysanthemums to repel certain insects, or plant strong-smelling herbs like basil, lavender, mint or citronella whose strong odors keep bugs away.

What About Pest Control Services Inside My Home?
There are a myriad of old wives’ tales and beloved family tricks to help ward off insects in the house, but few work reliably, and none can stop home invasions (see our blog on DIY termite control). When it comes to interior pest control, it is often better to call in a professional pest control company rather than trying to take care of the problem yourself. Many different types of pests can reproduce quickly and become a huge problem in just a matter of days, so addressing them early can prevent real problems. For pests inside your home, call a pest control company right away to help you stop the problem immediately.

Thompson Brothers Exterminating: The Carolinas’ Best Pest Control Company
While these tips will likely help to keep certain pests away from the exterior of your home, they likely will not help when it comes to pest control services inside your home. When you are having trouble with pests inside your home, don’t hesitate to contact the pros at Thompson Brothers Exterminating. Call us today at 864.578.8822 and we’ll be glad to come out to give you a free estimate.

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