How to Take the Sting Out of Summer Yard Pests

How to Take the Sting Out of Summer Yard Pests

There’s nothing like summertime in the South - outdoor barbecues, impromptu picnics, late-night firefly chasing, a neighborhood baseball game on your front lawn. These are perfect ways to make lasting summer memories with friends and family. No one ever invites summer pests to these seasonal gatherings, but unfortunately, that doesn’t keep them from showing up anyway. Don’t let the threat of stinging, biting, or itching deter you from enjoying the outdoors this season; there are several ways to keep summer's unwanted guests away during your alfresco fun.

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Pests Thrive in the Summer

Insects love our warm, steamy summers, and the pests below are especially troublesome if you find them in your yard this season.

  • Ants: During winter, ants struggle to find a food source and hibernate when it’s too cold for them to regulate their temperatures. Summer, however, presents the perfect conditions for them to find plenty of food and heat, and nothing can ruin a party or gardening session like stepping on a fire ant hill. Thompson Brothers provides treatment for both indoor and outdoor ant issues and can make sure you don’t find yourself with ants in your pants, literally.
  • Mosquitos: As the deadliest insect on the planet, mosquitos are notorious for ruining any outdoor fun. Our warm, humid summers are the perfect climate for mosquito feeding and breeding, so investing in mosquito prevention treatment from Thompson Brothers is a great way to keep these particularly troublesome pests away this season.
  • Bees: These stinging pests can be a nuisance for some and a serious health emergency for others. Whether you have carpenter bees that are causing damage to your property or yellow jacket nests that have made your yard their home, Thompson Brothers can treat any bee infestation you may have this summer.
  • Fleas and Ticks: These bugs aren’t just a problem for pets; flea and tick bites can cause major issues for humans, as well. Our relatively mild winters allow tick numbers to surge in the summer, and tick bites can lead to serious diseases in some cases. A flea and tick treatment from Thompson Brothers can give you peace of mind about having a safe yard for your family and your furry friends.

Take Precautionary Steps to Prevent Pests

There are several simple things you can do around your home to help keep summer bugs at bay. These tips may not be a permanent solution, but they’re a great way to be proactive about yard pest control.

  • Dry is best: Get rid of any standing water to eliminate potential breeding locations for mosquitoes.
  • Clean those gutters: Make sure your gutters stay clean and free from debris and water that ants or mosquitoes could use as a food source.
  • Ditch the mulch: Consider using a stone-ground cover instead of mulch, which provides an ideal environment for most bugs.
  • Blow bugs away: Use fans on your patio or porch, as most bugs struggle to fly in strong wind.
  • Plants can help: Certain plants can help repel bugs; for example, marigolds and rosemary help keep away mosquitoes, and chrysanthemums can deter ants and ticks.

Call a Professional to Ensure You’ll be Pest-Free

If you’ve already spotted any of these pests around your home, the best way to make sure you have a nuisance-free summer is to take advantage of the extermination services that Thompson Brothers provides. After a quick professional treatment, your yard will be free of the season’s most aggravating bugs and ready for you to enjoy all summer long!

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