Dangerous Spiders and How to Avoid Them

With thousands of spider species in the US, it can sometimes be difficult to know which spiders are harmless and which ones to avoid. Most spiders pose almost zero risk to humans, but there are a few species that can cause serious health problems or even death. In this blog, we’ve highlighted some of the most dangerous spiders and what you should do if you encounter them.


Recluse Spiders
Recluse spiders are often thought of as extremely dangerous. While these spiders, often referred to as brown recluse spiders, can cause pain and problems for some, their danger is often overblown. Recluse spiders are mainly found in the Southern states and true to their name they like to stay hidden and aren’t particularly aggressive.

Many people who think that they’ve been bitten by a recluse spider may be mistaking the bite for that of another insect, or even MRSA or certain skin issues. While these spiders should be observed with caution, they are not nearly as dangerous as their reputation suggests. If you are unsure of whether your home may have brown recluse spiders, it’s a good idea to call a Spartanburg pest control company to determine the type of spider that you have in your home.

Hobo Spider
The hobo spider is mainly found in the Pacific Northwest, so it is not much of a problem in North Carolina and South Carolina. This spider looks similar to a wolf spider, but builds webs that have a funnel at the end. There are other funnel web-building spiders that are not poisonous, so identifying this harmful spider can be difficult. A licensed pest control company should be able to spot a hobo spider with ease.

Bite symptoms from hobo spiders include swelling, necrosis, fever, nausea, and vomiting. If these spiders exist in your area, it’s important to be extremely cautious especially when sticking your hand in unknown areas or handling wood and other debris.

Widow Spiders
Widow spiders are likely one of the most well-known of the dangerous spider varieties. The black widow, the most famous variety of widow spiders, can be found in the South and Southwest portions of the United States.

Only female widow spiders are dangerous, and most all widow varieties exhibit an hourglass pattern on their bellies. Most South Carolina pest control companies will tell you that black widows can cause major problems. These spider bites can cause severe nausea, pain, fever, vomiting, muscle cramps, headaches, and dizziness. Black widow bites can even be fatal in small children and the elderly.

How Best to Control Spiders

When dealing with spiders in your home, it’s best to take preventative measures to avoid ever having to come into contact with any of the dangerous spider varieties. Hiring a pest control services company can ensure that you are protected from some of these harmful spiders. If you are looking for pest control in Greenville or Spartanburg, give the professionals at Thompson Brothers Exterminating a call today at 864.578.8822 today and we’ll come out to give you a free estimate. We’re ready to partner with you to take care of all of your pest control and waterproofing needs.

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