The Do’s and Don'ts of Basement Waterproofing

The Do’s and Don'ts of Basement Waterproofing

When it comes to waterproofing your basement, there are smarts ways to waterproof and common mistakes in basement waterproofing. In this blog, we'll cover how best to prevent water problems in your basement, but if you're already facing a water issue, follow this link:

“You Found Water in your Basement, Now What?”

Let’s start with why it’s important to waterproof your basement in the first place.

The Why Behind Waterproofing Your Basement

Did you know that 98% of basements in the United States will experience some kind of water damage during their lifespan? Because basements and crawl spaces are below ground level, they are natural magnets for taking on water. Additionally, as a house settles over time, cracks can occur in the foundation walls, and water can seep in through these cracks.

To prepare for this possibility, waterproofing your basement walls and crawl spaces is the most effective way to ensure that standing water and high moisture do not cause a host of problems such as high moisture, mold, structural problems, or damage to stored items.

Beyond preventing water issues, the benefits of basement waterproofing can also include:

  • greater energy efficiency
  • improved air quality
  • fewer issues with insects and other pests
  • lower humidity

Plus, when you take preventative measures and waterproof ahead of an issue, you are saving yourself money. Having to fix the problem after water has caused extensive damage will certainly cost more than prevention.

Waterproofing consultation

What to do and not do

If you suspect a water issue, it's always best to contact an expert. There are ways to approach, or even fix, the issue, but when it comes to water, it is recommended to let one of our waterproofing experts take a look.

water damage repair services

If you want to approach the problem yourself, here’s what you can do to try to stop it:

  • Determine the source of the water. Look for wet streaks along the walls and cracks, near the window joints, and between mortar joints in cement block walls.
  • Once cracks have been identified, fill them with hydraulic cement. Mix only what you want to use within three minutes, because the cement mixture, once mixed, will dry quickly. The experts at Thompson Brothers have a time-tested solution and process for this so feel free to reach out for an assessment.
  • To determine if your walls are wet, you can do a quick condensation test yourself. A simple way to do this is to attach a one-foot square piece of aluminum foil to the wall with duct tape. Come back after 24 hours and check the underside of the foil. If it is wet, then water is likely seeping through the walls from the outside. You would then need to take steps to apply a masonry waterproof coating. Here is another example of leaning on the experts at Thompson Brothers to do the job if you’re not comfortable with this process, or if you are unsure of the possible severity of the water problem.
  • Also, water issues start with water getting in from outside, so remove any foundation plantings around the perimeter of your home that require watering. Also, check your downspouts and gutters to make sure they are sending water properly away from your home.

What NOT to do:

  • If you have standing water in the basement, do NOT attempt to make any fixes yourself. This can increase your risk of electric shock.
  • Any sealer that you apply to wall sealant should not go over existing paint. You would have to remove the paint before applying a basement wall waterproof coating because the solution only adheres to bare masonry walls.

Thompson Brothers’ Basement Waterproofing Solutions

At Thompson Brothers, our goal is to provide a full-spectrum approach to waterproofing your basement. This gives you the peace of mind that we are inspecting your basement or crawl space thoroughly, assessing if there are any issues, and taking the proper steps to both prevent water from entering through potential “weak” areas of your home, or resolving any existing issues.

We offer both exterior and interior basement waterproofing. We can also waterproof basements based on construction type and needs, to fix leaky basements, or seal them off against future leaks or flooding.

Additionally, we offer crawl space waterproofing solutions that can be paired together or used individually such as:

  • dehumidifier systems
  • moisture barriers
  • crawl space drain systems
  • sump pumps

Call us today to learn more about how the waterproofing experts at Thompson Brothers can help with all of your basement or crawl space waterproofing needs.

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