We Make Pest Control Our Business so You Can Run Yours

We Make Pest Control Our Business so You Can Run Yours

Spring has arrived, and with that comes a season of bugs. Although different businesses may experience different pests, we can all agree that bugs in the workplace are not welcome.

We want you to be able to run your business worry-free, so let us take care of your pest control needs!

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Preventative Pest Control for your business

Whenever you spot a bug in your building, it’s important to take it seriously. If it’s a stray bug that came through an open window, there may be no need for concern. However, when you find multiple ants, stink bugs or any other type of pest (or rodent) in your business, it is important to take action immediately.

Simple steps you can take to prevent an infestation are:

  • Eliminate any possible food source by cleaning regularly
  • Seal off cracks and install insect screens on windows and doors (if regularly opened)
  • Remove clutter in and around your business

These steps can be a start to reducing bugs in your business and preventing new ones from coming in, but you will likely need a more active approach when pests are already in your workplace. Read more pest control tips on our blog.

The Thompson Brothers Approach

If the do-it-yourself approach isn’t working, let our professional pest control team take care of it!

At Thompson Brothers Exterminating and Waterproofing, we take care of your business the same way we take care of ours. We start off each free consultation by asking you about your business, the size of your space and anything else that may seem important to handle your pest control needs.

Depending on your needs, we start with a pest control inspection of your business. During this time, the business owner can ask questions, which our team will be happy to answer. We’ll then discuss the best approach to exterminate existing pests and/or carry out maintenance or preventive treatment procedures.

Exterminate Existing Pests

The type of pest infesting your business will determine whether the extermination process is a big or small job. It may not be enough to simply remove the bugs you see from the premises. Most bugs like to hide in cracks, cushions, behind paintings, molding, etc. It is recommended that a professional inspects the inside and outside of the building to determine a comprehensive approach.

Unsure whether it’s worth hiring a professional?

  • Professional treatment is the most effective treatment
  • The longer you wait, the harder it gets to remediate your infestation issues
  • Thompson Brothers' products are EPA and USDA approved and we use them in the safest way possible

Install Preventive Measures

Once the current pests are exterminated, it is important that they don’t come back. One way of doing this is by installing preventive measures. These can include things like:

  • Door sweeps
  • Door and window screens
  • Caulking windows
  • Sealing cracks in your building and its foundation

These physical barriers reduce the amount of entrances a bug can use to get into your building. They’re often relatively easy and cost-effective steps that businesses can take to reduce pest problems.

Conduct Regular Inspections

They say preventing a problem is better than treating one, so let’s talk about maintenance. Once you’ve completed the steps to eliminate pests, it’s important that they stay away. Inspections can be carried out by business owners or employees. It’s often easy to spot bugs, especially if they come in larger numbers, though some critters may be more difficult to spot.

Besides looking for the pests themselves, you can look for their remains, such as wings, droppings and cobwebs. In addition, the building also needs to undergo regular inspections to make sure all gaps and cracks are still sealed and new ones are addressed.

Thompson Brothers Exterminating and Waterproofing would be happy to give you the peace of mind of a pest-free workplace. Besides peace of mind, getting rid of pests also makes your workplace a lot safer for you and your team. Just give us a call and we’ll discuss the options to best meet your business’s needs.

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We understand the importance of pest control for businesses and are committed to helping business owners protect their premises from unwanted pests. Our team of experienced professionals use approved methods to exterminate pests, carry out effective pest control and inspections, maintain a pest-free workplace, and do it all in a safe manner.

With Thompson Brothers on your side, you can trust that your business is protected against any potential pest threats.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with all your pest control needs!

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We had extensive water intrusion that our inspector did not see. Thompson Brothers had to engage in grading, extensive digging, reinstallation of French drains, and install a new drainage field. The work was excellent. All personnel is polite, on time, and very professional. Highly recommend.

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Thompson Brothers does an excellent job spraying my home throughout each season to keep unwanted pests out. They are locally owned and customer service is a top priority.

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