Seeing More Bugs This Fall?

Seeing More Bugs This Fall? Finally: the evenings are cooling down. Dew dampens the grass each morning, and you may even reach for a sweater or light jacket when you first leave the house. The leaves at the tips of trees are starting to change color, and the sky is a turning a deeper shade of blue. Fall is coming, but with it you may see some less welcome signs of the season change: more bugs are in your home or trying to get in.

Why am I seeing so many bugs on or inside of my house this fall?

The cooler weather is a signal to many insects that winter is coming. Instinctively, they start searching for a warm, safe place to spend the winter months. Your home provides just the shelter and warmth that they seek. When one bug finds a good place to stay, it sends out an odor signaling to other family members to come join it. As they wait for the season change, some bugs are eager to soak in the last warm rays of sunshine, and will congregate on the side of your home where the sun shines the longest each day.

Which bugs are invading my home?

During this change of season, people in South Carolina and North Carolina are most likely to see a few key types of insect home invaders:

Ladybugs – Correctly called the Asian multicolored lady beetle (or Japanese lady beetle), these little red, orange or yellow bugs with black spots can seem cute at first, and they are a real help to farmers. But these small beetles will invade homes in mass groups searching for a warm place to spend the winter. When threatened, they release an orange fluid that produces a bad smell and can leave a stain – not something any of us want in our homes!

Boxelder bugs – These oblong, black-and-orange flat-backed bugs do not harm humans or plants, but they can sure be a nuisance when they gather in large numbers on the sunny side of your house. In fall, they move from their tree homes to your house in search of a place to spend the winter.

Stink bugs – Like boxelder bugs, brown marmorated stink bugs won’t cause much harm to your home (they do, however, harm crops), but they may creep you out as they invade windowsills, draperies and even walls of your home. Their bodies are shaped like shields, often brown or dull green in color. Stink bugs were accidentally brought to the U.S. from Asia about 15 years ago, but are now a very common nuisance throughout the Southeast. Don’t slap or squish these bugs, or they’ll release a foul smell worthy of their name.

How can I get rid of bugs in my home?

The best way to handle any insect invasion is to call a professional exterminator. Not only will an exterminator be able to get rid of the insects you see, but he or she can also treat your house to prevent bugs from returning. At Thompson Brothers Exterminating, we provide a customized solution for your home’s specific needs, ridding your house of insects this fall and ensuring that they won’t return in spring. Contact us today to fight back against fall invaders.

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