Protect Your Yard From Pests This Spring

Protect Your Yard From Pests This Spring

Springtime is here, and with it comes a much-needed reprieve from the chilly, damp, gray days of winter. This is the time of year when your activities outside likely ramp way up. From yard work to gardening to just relaxing in your backyard, spring weather gets us moving outside.


Unfortunately, spring is also a signal to pests to get moving too. From mosquitos, ants and roaches to mice and rats, spring is an active time for these pests, including the time of year when many of them breed. That’s why so many of our customers look to Thompson Brothers at this time of year to service their yards. Our outdoor services can limit nuisance pests, protect your property, and help you to more fully enjoy being outside.

Call Thompson Brothers this spring to help with:

  • Mosquito control: Mosquito control is a major reason people call us this time of year. Arguably nothing will discourage you from being outside like a mosquito problem will. There are several things you can do to limit mosquitos in your yard, including keeping your grass mowed and eliminating standing water and piles of yard debris. But here in the Carolinas, mosquitos and other nuisance flying insects such as gnats can thrive despite your best efforts -- unless you have your yard treated. Starting in April, when mosquitos first start to hatch, is smart and will help limit the nuisance of mosquito bites as well as the diseases these pests can transmit to people and pets.
  • Carpenter ants: Springtime is when carpenter ants become very active. They thrive in areas close to your house and seek entry. When they get into your house, they can cause serious structural damage if they are not caught and exterminated early enough.
  • Rats: Spring is breeding time for rats, and they too will try to enter your home or business as they become more active. Rats are major disease-carriers. Thompson Brothers will inspect your home for rats' likely points of entry, as well as your yard for rat havens. We will rid your property of any rats and help prevent them from becoming a recurring problem.

There are many other pests that become problematic as the weather warms. At Thompson Brothers, we take a complete view of your property. This includes making sure you are able to enjoy being outside during the great weather that spring in the western Carolinas provides.

If you’d like to get started, contact us today to schedule a time for one of our pest control specialists to treat your property.

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Jordan H, Pest Control

Thompson Brothers does an excellent job spraying my home throughout each season to keep unwanted pests out. They are locally owned and customer service is a top priority.

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Sharon P, Waterproofing & Repair

We had extensive water intrusion that our inspector did not see. Thompson Brothers had to engage in grading, extensive digging, reinstallation of French drains, and install a new drainage field. The work was excellent. All personnel is polite, on time, and very professional. Highly recommend.

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