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Is It an Ant or a Termite?

In the early spring, when the weather turns warm and rainy, termites emerge from their nests in a process called swarming. Though they’ll later shed their wings, at the time of swarming, they each have a set of wings. This means that, for a short time – and during the time you’ll most likely notice them entering your house – termites look a lot like flying ants. read more

All of us at Thompson Brothers are incredibly grateful to be celebrating our 59th year of serving South Carolina and Western North Carolina with pest control and waterproofing services. We extend our thanks to our clients and friends for helping us reach this milestone. ... read more

Cold Weather Means Cockroaches

As temperatures drop and days and nights get cooler, we all tend to spend more time indoors. Unfortunately, the same goes for outdoor pests. As winter approaches, you may notice that mice, roaches, and other unwelcome pests start moving into your home. How can you keep these unwanted roommates from cozying up with... read more

Protect Your Home: Waterproof Your Basement

The time to prevent basements from flooding is long before the storms start. Thompson Brothers offers waterproofing services for basements in new construction and established residential homes. Waterproofing your basement ensures that standing water and high moisture—caused by rains or floods—do not cause structural damage, mold or other water issues. read more

Signs of Moisture in Your Home

Moisture is a concern for homeowners and can cause damage to the structure of your home if not addressed. Signs of moisture may include peeling paint, musty odors, mildew, crumbling floor joists, even rotting. ... read more

Rain Brings Ants In

South Carolina and North Carolina have had a few crazy years of weather—everything from record-setting drought to record-setting floods. Among all the other problems this weather causes, it influences the pests in and around your home. In fact, weather is one of the main factors affecting when ants might invade your... read more

House Mice: Signs To Watch For

Have you noticed a house mouse roaming around your house during the day or, more commonly at night? Mice also can  be found building nests in dark and protected areas in wooded areas and fields.  They are curious creatures and enjoy exploring anything new in their territory. read more

Tips to Avoid Ticks This Season

Ticks love the overgrowth of bushes and trees typically found around this time of the year. And because people and pets are more likely to spend time outdoors during this season when the weather is beautiful, there is more of a chance of coming into contact with ticks. While you might think that we’ve seen the last... read more

Termites are a homeowner’s worst enemy. They make their homes in anything made of wood and leave destruction in their paths. Within a termite colony you’ll find a variety of different social classes, each handling a different function within the... read more

5 Ways to Prevent Pests In and Around Your Home

Are you seeing a large number of creepy crawlers in and around your home? If so you may be surprised that there are several easy ways that you can help reduce the number of pests in and around your home. read more

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Sharon P, Waterproofing & Repair

We had extensive water intrusion that our inspector did not see. Thompson Brothers had to engage in grading, extensive digging, reinstallation of French drains, and install a new drainage field. The work was excellent. All personnel is polite, on time, and very professional. Highly recommend.

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Jordan H, Pest Control

Thompson Brothers does an excellent job spraying my home throughout each season to keep unwanted pests out. They are locally owned and customer service is a top priority.

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