The Basics of Termite Control

Termites are a homeowner’s worst enemy. They make their homes in anything made of wood and leave destruction in their paths. Within a termite colony you’ll find a variety of different social classes, each handling a different function within the colony. In this blog we’ll highlight the most important classes within a termite colony.

Soldier Termites

If you’re seeing a large number of what you think may be termites, you may be seeing soldier termites. These termites are frequently the first termites that homeowners will see. There are large numbers of solider termites in a colony whose sole purpose is to protect the other termites from harm. If a termite colony is disturbed, soldier termites will instantly be dispersed to attempt to ward off any attack.

Soldier termites are large, with dark heads and strong jaws to bite any predator that may threaten the colony.

Queen & Worker Termites

Queen termites are responsible for helping a colony grow. A typical queen is able to lay more than 2000 eggs a day and can live up to 25 years! This shows how quickly termites can multiple at the expense of your beautiful home. Because of a queen’s egg laying abilities, it’s imperative that any pest control measures that are used eliminate the queen.

Worker termites get their names from actually building the nest and rebuilding it if there is ever a breach. These are the termites that actually cause damage to your home. They spend their entire lives chewing and eating through any wooden structures around your home. They are typically a creamy almost translucent color.

Hiring a Professional Pest Control Company

As you can see, termites can reproduce rapidly and quickly take over your entire home. For this reason it’s important to hire a pest control company to inspect and eliminate your termite problem before extended damage to your home occurs. Even though termites cause more damage than fires and storms combined, many homeowners rarely get their homes checked until it’s too late.
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