Bed Bugs - Are you sleeping with them?

Bed Bugs - Are you sleeping with them?

Bed bugs are tiny insects that feed on the blood of animals and human beings. While they don’t nest, they do congregate in groups and once established in an area, they can rapidly multiply. Bed bugs were nearly eradicated in many developed areas of the world with the heavy use of DDT, but DDT was banned in 1972 due to its harmful effects on health and the environment. That, combined with the ease of travel today to areas of the world where bed bugs were never controlled, has caused a rise in bed bugs, particularly in larger cities. The Carolinas are not immune to this pest problem.

Where Are Bed Bugs Found?
You can find bed bugs hiding in any small cracks and crevices close to humans.  They can fit into narrow spaces and are often found in crevices in the furniture, between baseboards and the wall, and especially in mattresses and bed frames in order to be near feeding sources. Bedbugs can be a huge problem for travelers because they can hide undetected in luggage and clothing and be brought back where they will quickly infest the home.

What Are Some Precautions Travelers Can Take?

  • As soon as you return home, vacuum suitcases and wash clothes in hot water.



  • When checking into a hotel, examine the mattress and bed sheets. Bed bugs may leave blood spots or there may be a musty odor from the scent glands of bed bugs. There may also be evidence of dried exoskeletons since bed bugs shed multiple times in their life cycle.




  • Bring plastic bags with you to wrap luggage in during your stay in hotels.




  • Don’t leave clutter around the bed where bed bugs may congregate.



What If You Have An Infestation?
Some of the suggestions for travelers also apply to home treatment.



  • Vacuum frequently, and place the used vacuum bags in a plastic bag and place in an outside garbage bin. 




  • Clean bedding and curtains in hot water.




  • Place shoes and any non-washer safe items in your dryer on the highest setting for about 30 minutes.




  • Repair plaster cracks and wallpaper tears to eliminate bed bug hiding places.




  • Bed bugs are difficult to control, so it is important to talk to South Carolina pest control professionals to exterminate an infestation.



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