The Benefits of Giving your Basement a Makeover

The Benefits of Giving your Basement a Makeover

Basements sometimes get a bad reputation as the dark, musty, unwelcoming area of a home. They can be damp, cave-like, and neglected—the spot you only venture down to if you’re looking for holiday decorations or a plunger. But the practical square footage a basement offers can add tons of value, functionally, and comfort to your home. With a little planning and effort, your basement could be transformed into a cozy addition that your whole family can enjoy.

Waterproofing services

First Things First

Before you get busy with the aesthetic portion of your makeover, it’s best to make sure your basement is completely dry. You’ll want to remedy your water issues as soon as possible if you’ve noticed signs of water damage like:

  • water spots
  • efflorescence
  • musty smells
  • rusty door hinges or nails
  • cracks or crumbling in concrete or foundation

There are several ways a professional can make sure your basement is waterproofed and secure so that when you’re ready to add things like paint, flooring and furniture, none of your hard work will be ruined by water damage.

An expert can come to assess your space and give you an estimate on timeline and costs for your basement’s particular needs. When the waterproofing portion has been completed, your basement is ready for the next phase of its makeover.

Water Damage Repair

Design Time—For Any Budget

Depending on your makeover budget, there are endless amounts of design options for a converted basement space. Regardless of how much you plan to spend, there are things to consider when creating a design for your area:

  • Think about adding a vapor barrier for even more moisture protection.
  • Shop around for specific paint and flooring designed to work well on basement surfaces like concrete or cinder block.
  • Research waterproof paint and waterproof flooring options.
  • Use recessed lighting to increase headroom.
  • Choose paint colors based on how you plan to use the space:  dark for gaming and moving watching or light and bright for a more open feel.

If you’re working on a limited budget, there are still ways to create a cozy space without breaking the bank. Some budget-friendly options include:

  • only renovating a portion of the basement
  • using economical flooring choices such as low maintenance vinyl flooring
  • taking on any portion of the labor you feel comfortable completing
  • consider painting the concrete floor instead of buying new flooring
  • reuse old cabinets for storage options
  • shop in vintage, resale, or consignment stores for decor

A beautiful, comfortable space can be created using any sized budget as long as you’re willing to do your homework and put in a little elbow grease.

Reap The Benefits of Your Labor

Once your space is complete, you’ll be able to enjoy your dry, cozy, newly renovated basement. A basement makeover can not only give your home much more usable, functional space, but can also help prevent any mold, mildew, or foundation issues that could arise in an unused basement area.

Whether you’re currently in your forever home or you plan to sell in the near future for a profit, waterproofing, remodeling, and upgrading your basement is a sure way to add value to your home. Let Thompson Brothers get the ball rolling on your basement makeover by checking to make sure you begin with a dry, clean slate, and soon your musty, dark basement will be a distant memory!

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