Termites Could be Active This Spring

Termites Could be Active This Spring


Termites Could be Active This Spring

It was a long cold winter and a wet cool spring, so your spring pest control problem this year could involve dreaded termites.

The same conditions that made most people miserable for the last few months are the perfect weather for termites. They like damaged wood, preferably a bit moist. With all the snow, ice, and rain this year, virtually any exterior wood is likely to have seen swelling and damage from the harsh winter and spring.

The delayed spring may mean that the spring pest control issue is starting later than usual, but it may also mean that it is far worse than usual!

But it’s not just the wooden parts of your home that are at risk. South Carolina pest control experts say that termites will attack concrete, carpet, and flooring, as well as wood paneling, decks, and porches.

To help prevent a termite issue, keep your home as dry as possible and try to keep moist soil and mulch away from the foundation of the house. You can start the spring pest control process by visually inspecting your house for any indication that you might be developing a problem. Mud tubes along the foundation or the rafters can be an indication of a termite problem requiring South Carolina Pest Control.

Another indication of a termite problem is finding a significant number of dead insects inside the house near lights or on the windowsills.

If you see any of these indicators, it’s time to call a Spartanburg pest control company because there are no good termite pesticides available over the counter at your local hardware store. Only a professional exterminator can handle the right chemicals to kill the termites once they have made it into your home.

If you don’t have a termite problem yet, here are some ways to avoid developing one:



  • Keep firewood and lumber stored away from the house. When you get ready to bring it inside, inspect it carefully for evidence of insects.

  • Contribute to spring pest control by cleaning your gutters and downspouts. The less organic debris that is close to the house, the less the insects have to feed on while trying to find their way into your home.

  • Seal cracks and holes to keep termites and other insects from getting into your home. Pay particular attention to areas where pipes or utilities enter the house, including the dryer exhaust and near exhaust fans.

  • If you use mulch near your home, stick to cypress or cedar mulch as termites dislike those types of wood.



Finally, if you have any questions about spring pest control, call Thompson Brothers Exterminating at 828.245.2669 and ask them to perform a free, no-obligation inspection.


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