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Tips to Help With Spider Control this Fall

SCWolfSpiderPest control in Spartanburg is a constant battle that is often compounded by the mild temperatures that we deal with throughout most of the year. As the weather does start to cool squirrels (last weeks tip) and spider control (next weeks tip) become two of the biggest issues that homeowners must face as we transition into fall.  Use the following tips to help ready your home for fall.

Hire a company to provide year round pest control in Spartanburg which includes spider control

No one likes to find spiders scattered throughout their home.  In western North Carolina and South Carolina, there are a large number of species of spiders which can be harmful to humans.  Black widows and brown recluse spiders come to mind as very venomous spiders which can infiltrate your home with ease.  Using pest control in Spartanburg that offers spider control can help to keep these critters at bay throughout the cooler months when many of these species decide that they want to spend an extended stay indoors.  A quarterly treatment program of pest control in Spartanburg including spider control is often less expensive than you may expect.

Contact Thompson Brothers Exterminating for a free estimate for pest control and spider control in Spartanburg and the surrounding areas.

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