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I just bought a house. How do I know if basement needs waterproofing?

If you’re moving into a new house, odds are your to-do list is extensive. From hiring moving companies to getting the carpets cleaned to empty all of those boxes, you’ve got plenty of things to get done. But there are some items you may not yet be thinking about, or some you’re wondering if you need to do them at... read more

Last Days for a Great Gift!

Can you believe that 2017 is coming to an end? What a big, busy year it’s been! ... read more

Could You Use $60 this Holiday Season?

The holiday season can be full of stress about spending money and saving money, keeping up good appearances while trying not to break the bank. On the one hand, many homeowners want their houses to look their best this time of year. With family and friends visiting, and more folks spending time at home for special... read more

$60 Savings for 60 Years in Business

This year, Thompson Brothers Exterminating and Waterproofing is celebrating our 60th year in business. That means we’ve been offering termite inspections, termite control, pest control, exterminator services, basement waterproofing... read more

How Pest Control Has Changed in 60 Years

Thompson Brothers has been in business since 1957. In the past six decades, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the business of pest control, termite control and waterproofing. We thought we’d use this blog to take a look back at the updates and advances that have happened in our industry in the past 60 years. ... read more

The Future of Thompson Brothers

The staff of Thompson Brothers Exterminating and Waterproofing is spending this year, 2017, celebrating our 60th year in business. As part of our celebration of these past 60 years serving Upstate South Carolina and... read more

Bugs and Your Business Reputation

We heard a recent story from a new client that we wanted to share with you. It’s a great illustration about how one little bug might affect an entire business. ... read more

This year marks Thompson Brothers Exterminating and Waterproofing’s 60th year in business. That means that since 1957, our family (and yes, it’s always been a family business), has been serving the homes in and around Spartanburg, Greenville, Gaffney, Forest City, Rutherford County and Polk County. ... read more

Stories from the Field: One Leap for Mankind

At Thompson Brothers, we have to have a sense of humor when it comes to removing unwanted pests from homes. Here’s one story that we recently came across that we technicians can all learn from: ... read more

North Carolina's Super Termite

Though it’s not native to North Carolina or even to the U.S., our state is now home to a termite so destructive and problematic, it’s been dubbed the “super termite.” The Formosan subterranean termite (FST), formally Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki, is thought to have been brought to our part of the U.S. from... read more

Family-owned in the Carolinas since 1957

Thompson Brothers helps businesses and families with a wide array of services, from basement leaks, to invasive bugs, to termite services for new home sales.

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Serving North and South Carolina

Thompson Brothers Exterminating and Waterproofing has been serving families and businesses in North Carolina and South Carolina for over 60 years, and we look forward to serving you. We are happy to provide free estimates with absolutely no obligation to you.

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What Our Customers Say

Jordan H, Pest Control

Thompson Brothers does an excellent job spraying my home throughout each season to keep unwanted pests out. They are locally owned and customer service is a top priority.

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Sharon P, Waterproofing & Repair

We had extensive water intrusion that our inspector did not see. Thompson Brothers had to engage in grading, extensive digging, reinstallation of French drains, and install a new drainage field. The work was excellent. All personnel is polite, on time, and very professional. Highly recommend.

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