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Waterproofing Solution

For new construction we offer Rub R Wall waterproofing.

Our product of choice is Rub-R-Wall Waterproofing. Rub-R-Wall is applied only by certified applicators to assure the highest quality installation. This product is asphalt-free, non-toxic non-carcinogenic. Rub-R-Wall is a spray applied 100% seamless, highly elastic, rubber membrane that has been specified by architects and builders on projects around the world with unsurpassed performance. It is effective for use on block and poured concrete walls, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Existing Basements:

At Thompson Brothers, we use several different applications depending on the problem, conditions and cost. Typically our company will dig a trench to 1’- 1 ½’ below the existing foundation footing. We clean the walls, then parge/repair any cracks or holes. The waterproofing will depend on condition of the walls. Rub-R-Wall may be applied or we could use Mastic Hydrocide materials with a Moisture Stop Waterproofing Material. We use tons of #5 stone with 4” drain pipes leading to out ditch areas.

New Construction:

Rub-R-Wall is typically the product used for new construction. It is our best material with unsurpassed performance. This product has a lifetime warranty that is transferable. We can spray R/W typically 5 days after the walls have been poured or filled. Even though we believe Rub-R-Wall is one for the best waterproofing products on the market it is also competitively priced. Call use today to get your quote. We will be glad to answer any questions or send you any information on any of our products. For more information on Rub-R-Wall go to the RPC inc. website at www.rpcinfo.com.

Retaining Walls:

Thompson Brothers can design and build segmental retaining walls to fit the contractor or homeowners needs. With over 10 years experience we can build any system that is preferred. 

Moisture problems:

We can repair existing foundations with water leaks.Install drain systems in crawl spaces to eliminate damage to landscaping. Install dehumidifiers and moisture barriers in crawl spaces to bring moisture to acceptable levels.