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Termite Control
Free Termite Inspections
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Termite Control
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Free Termite Inspections

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Termite Control

Usually there are two different methods for efficient Termite Control. The liquid treatment and monitoring or the baiting method. We always use both the methods simultaneously to provide the best and the most efficient termite control.

We have a completely different program to fight termite infestation titled 'Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System'. In this process we only perform liquid treatment to monitor and examine the exact location of termite infestation and to eradicate it properly. We may perform other activities like drilling or soil trenching on the property to expose the termite affected areas that need to be treated efficiently.

Free termite inspection

When you call us for our annual Free Termite Inspection, we will keep track of any changes or new conditions that could possibly develop into a potential termite infestation. Any kind of leakage or immense rainfall leads to create the excess amount of moisture that makes properties conducive enough for termites. Keeping all the different aspects and measurements in mind, our efficient termite control team will help you degrade the quality of termite infestation with our free termite inspections.

Efficient pest termite control

We provide the most efficient extermination services to reduce infestations for pests such as Roaches, Ants, Spiders, Rats, Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Pantry, Pests, Moths, Bees, etc. This is our area of services; we offer a seamless and efficient service to both residential and commercial clientele.

Other Efficient Pest Control Services

  • Wood Destroying Insect Information Reports (W.D.I.R.) or Wood infestation reports generation.
  • CL 100 Real Estate Reports generation.
  • Retreatment and termite damage warranties provision.

Efficient Substructure Repairs

Wooden items are most easily susceptible termite attacks and termites are always found at crawl spaces. It is every homeowner's duty to get rid of those dangerous termites through efficient termite control before they do any serious damage to any property. Our efficient teams are authoritative enough to fight with such termite infestations in the most beneficial manner.